the bare room

$40.00/hour - minimum of 2 hours required

Here's the solution to your lack of event space. Book the bare room® and receive a private time block, tables & chairs to seat up to 50 guests, and necessary cleaning supplies.

*Half price rates Monday - Thursday

Set Up/Tear Down


Lacking the time to set up your own tables & chairs? (Or you just don't want to...) Our staff can handle that for you! We will discuss the available arrangements prior to the day of your event so they are all ready for you once you arrive. At the end of your event, forget about them - we will take care of them for you.

Clean Up


You made it through all of your planning & your event went off without a hitch! Ready to call it a day? We can handle the cleaning for you!


$15.00 - Based upon availability

You may store your party items in the bare room® the night prior to your event so you don't need to worry about them the next day. This option is based upon availability.


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